Blur ‘Whip’s Up Their Best Album Yet

71I-hyX91XL._SL1426_Following a more than decade-long hiatus, 90s-era British rock group Blur recently resurfaced with a new album, The Magic Whip, the band’s first studio recording since the release of Think Tank back in 2003.

The album was written over a five-day span in 2013, whilst the band was scheduled to perform at a music festival in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled, but the extended layover resulted in 12 new tracks from the band, which has reunited on-and-off since 2007.

But, perhaps this seven-plus year break paid off.

Following the release of lead-singer Damon Albarn’s first-ever solo album, Everyday Robots, which hit record stores across the globe last year, The Magic Whip, might be the alternative rock group’s most well-rounded composition to date.

“Go Out,” the first single of the band’s eighth LP, was released online in February, giving fans a glimpse at just how much the band has evolved in 12 years time.

Directed by Tony Hung, who also designed the album cover art, the “Go Out” music video features step-by-step instructions to prepare your very own homemade ice cream. **Of course, if you plan on following the music video recipe, it is probably advised you first translate the instructions from Chinese.**

To tease the release of the album, which hits record stores everywhere on April 27, the band released two more music videos for the songs “There are too many of us” and “Lonesome Street.”

Shot like an outtake from the 2004 motion picture Napoleon Dynamite, the video for “Lonesome Street” stars lead dancer Phillip Hui and the Phoenix Fly Line Dancing Group from San Francisco, Calif., as they blend elements of Chinese folk dancing with Blur’s modern rock sound.

What makes The Magic Whip such an overwhelming success may also be attributed to the band’s producer Stephen Street, who is most renowned for his work with The Smiths and who was a critical component of Blur’s early success in the 1990’s. Responsible for the production of the band’s first five albums, it is easy to see why they wanted him back.

Even though Blur may have broken the mold with The Magic Whip, it will be interesting to see if the album’s successes will become dwarfed by the forthcoming Gorillaz album, expected to be released in 2016. Albarn and partner Jamie Hewlett have already come out and said that they have been in the studio working on new material for the animated band’s fifth – and possibly final – album.

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