It’s Just Like 2005 All Over Again

It has been a while since I last blogged but in light of recent events I felt this was more than necessary
Dark days have fallen upon us yet again as NHL Comissioner Gary Bettman failed to agree to terms with players union. On Sept. 15 the collective bargaining agreement expired without a resolution thus cancelling the start of the 2012 – 2013 season.

Pro-hockey players are among the lowest paid professional athletes in the nation (with a few exceptions like Crosby and Ovechkin) so you know times are tough if even the NHL can’t afford it.

But, whether the lockout will delay or cancel the entire season is yet to be determined, leaving pro-hockey players displaced.

Despite recent efforts of political hopefuls looking to preserve the American job market, the lockout marks the latest of several high paying jobs being outsourced.

Returning to their countries of origin several players have agreed to terms with Czech, Russian, Swiss and Swedish leagues to play temporarily until the lockout is over. Among some of the players headed back to home-turf are recent stanley cup winner Anze Kopitar, Alexander Ovechkin, first round draft-pick Nail Yakupov, Jason Spezza, Jaromir Jagr, Thomas Plekanec and Pavel Datsyuk.

As for the American and Canadian players… Well they don’t have it so lucky. Several have chosen to play in the minors as the AHL recently announced they would continue operating through the lockout.

But what about the fans?? This question doesn’t seem to be of interest to Comissioner Bettman as he embarks on his third career lockout.

Have we, the fans, already forgotten the ’04 – ’05 season?

I know I haven’t… Remember the bumper magnets saying “I need my hockey fix(ed)???” Or how about the the bold “thank you fans” at each of the bluelines?

Well apparently that isnt going to cut it this time. Mr. Bettman has continually behaved in a manner not befitting the fans of the NHL. Hopefully this serves as a wake up call… perhaps one day the officials up in Toronto will come out of their control booths and issue a referendum that would let the fans vote for who they think should be comissioner.

Until the lockout is settled i refuse to purchase NHL ’13 as it is only a tease. As a life-long New York Rangers fan I am upset that while I could play as the recently aquired Rick Nash, I cant actually seem him in action.

Team affiliations aside hockey fans across the nation are upset and hopefully the officials will get things under control so we can start things up in December like the NBA lockout from last year.

In conclusion, “I want my hockey fix(ed)… NOW!”

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