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Paddle Out for Dylan Smith 2016

Surfers paddleout from Beach 87th Street in Rockaway in honor of local hero Dylan Smith, a Belle Harbor resident credited with saving the lives of six different people during Superstorm Sandy.

2016 Hope For The Warriors Parade

The parade procession went from Brooklyn, over the Gil Hodges-Marine Parkway bridge into Breezy Point, before making it’s way down to the Memorial Circle at Beach 120th Street in Rockaway Park.

Student Interview: Shaina Morales

Anonymous Bullying: What Stony Brook Students and Faculty are Doing to Counter it

Stony Brook University students have been posting personal and sometimes hurtful comments on the anonymous gossip site, In an effort to cut down on campus-wide bullying, students, faculty and staff have constructed a “Community Pledge.”

The pledge is an optional agreement where students can sign up and agree that they won’t participate or be a bystander to any form of bullying, cyber or otherwise.

Meet The Kernel

Stony Brook University’s first green bus, The Kernel, is a bus that runs on a split system of used vegetable oil and diesel fuel.

The Kernel drives students around multiple routes across campus from day-to-day. This video shows, how the bus works and how it is being used as a “stepping stone” to further green technology.

The bus paves the way for more green initiatives from the Department of Transportation and Parking Operations. Within the next couple of weeks an Electric hybrid bus will join the fleet.

Walk for Beauty, Walk for Life 2010

On October 3, Stony Brook held the 17th annual Walk for Beauty, Walk for Life. Once a year, people gather to the area for this 4K/6K breast cancer awareness walk and fundraiser.

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