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App Review: Singularity

If you’re a child of the 90s you probably owned a copy – or had a friend who owned a copy – of the old Tiger Electronics game “Lights Out.”

Well for those nostalgic at heart, here comes a new spin on a classic time-waster.

Conceived by game developers unexpect3rd – yes, that is really their name – Singularity takes the classic light up puzzle toy and gives it a more modern touch.

Obviously, since smartphones are so much more than just a handheld toy running on AA batteries, the game includes a far more challenging array of puzzles than it’s classical counterpart.

The design is simplistic, colorful and features relaxing background music – I assume to calm the nerves before you frustrate yourself with yet another puzzle.

Overall, it’s a great way to waste some time when you’re waiting at the bus stop or on the train, but, like most puzzle games, it can get a little bit stale and lacks in replay value.

App Review: Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel's Contest of Champions is now available on iOS and Android devices.  (Photo:

Marvel’s Contest of Champions is now available on iOS and Android devices.

Fans of the Marvel Comics universe, prepare to meet your newest obsession.

Contest of Champions, Marvel’s answer to the success of the DC Comics’ video game Injustice, is available on all iOS and Android devices and features a vast selection of classic superheros and villains that is guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours on end.

The game starts you off with a “one-star” Marvel superhero as you slowly work your way through quests to unlock new characters and power-ups using crystals acquired through missions. Next, you can upgrade your posse using energy you pick up along your quests. 

App Review: République

What better way to kick off my first iPhone app review then by highlighting the featured app of the week, Republique.
Let me start by saying bravo to the guys over at Camoflaj for creating this gem that one can only describe as a post-apocalyptic cross between Metal Gear Solid and the movie Logan’s Run. The even got the vocal talents of Solid Snake’s voiceover actor David Hayter.

In this Farenheit 451-like psuedofuture where classic literature is banned for its ideals, you follow the games protagonist Hope aka 390-H. The game starts after the headmistress Mirelle finds a contraband manifesto in your room… And thats when they take you.

Locked up, you control the cameras, doors and computers to help Hope try and find her way out the headmistresses clutches. While rather lengthy, the game’s first episode is addictive and will cause the player to waste loads of time that they should be playing outside.

Perhaps what sticks out most in this game is the plot. It is a thrill-a-minute story based videogame truly rivals the MGS series. Filled with cutaways, twists and turns, and other plot devices, this game will leave you wanting more. In fact, after playing the first episode, I had to pre-order the remaining five episodes.

If you have an iPhone, I highly recommend you get this game before the price goes up. Play episode 1, you will not regret it. And remember they are watching you.

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