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A Cosmic New Year’s Celebration

Roll away 2014 with the music of the Grateful Dead, on Dec. 30 and 31, when the Dark Star Orchestra crashes the Paramount for a two-night performance in Huntington.

“We really dig the Paramount. It’s a beautiful venue,” said Jeff Mattson, lead guitarist/vocalist for Dark Star Orchestra. “The people couldn’t be nicer. That is why we come back.”

What sets Dark Star Orchestra apart from any other cover band is how they have continued to recreate “classic” performances from the Grateful Dead’s more than 30-year history, typically song by song and in order.

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Local Long Islander Decorates Home For Father


Each year, around Christmastime, Charles McLaughlin of Farmingdale would decorate his home at 35 Marion St. with lights, wreaths and homemade decorations.But, last year, when he was too weak to set them up, his son Robert McLaughlin picked up the reigns to light up the house.

On Jan. 31, 2014, Charles McLaughlin passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. In his honor, his son Robert, 45, said he will continue to put up the holiday decorations as a tribute to his father.

“It’s good to keep with the tradition, by doing this in his memory,” Robert said. “He always liked to decorate the house around the holidays.”

This story originally appeared on on Dec. 17, 2014

Metal Masters’ Mastodon Horrify Huntington

For a night dedicated to mischief and mayhem, who better than hard rock juggernauts Mastodon to tear the roof off of the Paramount Theater in Huntington?

On the most horrifying of holidays, this Halloween, the Georgia-based metal band will put the scare in Long Island locals with a bone-rattling performance and special guests, including French death-metal group Gojira and Norwegian rock outfit Kvelertak.

“It just kind of happened to be that we booked a show [on Halloween],” said Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher. “But, I couldn’t think of a better place to be than in New York.”

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How Can Musicians Make A Buck In The Digital Age?

45_rpm_disk_-War-_by_Wailing_Souls__Rankin_Trevor_1978-300x225With digital music stores like iTunes and Google Play taking a cut of the profits, not to mention popular websites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp—which allow users to stream music before they buy—it has become increasingly difficult for new musicians to make a buck.

While some major recording artists like U2 and Radiohead front-man Thom Yorke can give away their music for free, most musicians can’t stay afloat on just ticket sales and merchandise alone.

Assuming that a band releases a new single on iTunes for $1.29, Apple will collect a 30 percent cut—or approximately 40 cents, according to Rolling Stone magazine—leaving $.89 cents for the artist and its label. However, for independent musicians not collecting royalties from a major record company, this process is far from sustainable.

Flash Mob Feature Film: Avi’s Farewell Tour

Avi Ghandi, owner of Center Lane Stationary in Levittown

Avi Ghandi, owner of Center Lane Stationary in Levittown

Over the summer, more than 100 loyal customers from all across Long Island and beyond, lined up outside the Center Lane Stationary store in Levittown to surprise one of their favorite local business owners, Avi Ghandi.

Operating the Center Lane stationary store for the past ten years, Avi has left a memorable impression on many of the residents of the Levittown community and beyond, with his smiling demeanor and never-ending supply of stories.

So, to show Avi just how much he means to the Levittown community, former Long Islanders Celeste-Hamilton Dennis and her husband Craig orchestrated a “cash” mob to try and help clear out his inventory and help send Avi out in style before Center Lane Stationary shutters its doors.

This story originally appeared on on Oct. 2, 2014

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