Timeflies Return Home, Raise Money for Counseling Center

Check out this story from the Feb. 10, 2012 edition of The Sound & Town Report (now The Mamaroneck Review).

On Feb. 4, members of the Mamaroneck High School Student Council set up a concert in an effort to raise money for the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Community Counseling Center.

Booking a band featuring a local talent, the student council hired the up-and-coming electronic hip-hop group Timeflies to headline this big event.

Returning to Mamaroneck High School for the first time since 2007, Cal Shapiro, who graduated MHS in 2006, and his band mate Rob Resnick, came to perform their homecoming show.

“I don’t think we’ve ever done a concert like this. We’ve done high school and college shows, but the homecoming, coming back to your roots is an awesome feeling,” Shapiro said. 

First collaborating in a funk band at Tufts University, Shapiro and Resnick shifted toward an electronic-based style of music.

“I think I was just really interested in electro and Cal had a really unique ability to sing and rap. So we figured that funk was a really great opportunity for him to get some rapping, but this genre would really lend itself more towards that type of stuff,” Resnick said.

Using the most out of the Internet and social media, Timeflies currently has had over one million hits on YouTube and has been featured in the Cotton Bowl and the Orange Bowl.

Timeflies were more than happy to have some of the proceeds go towards the counseling center.   “When they offered us the opportunity to help out and make it a charity event, we were thinking to be able to come home and do something like that would really mean a lot,” Shapiro said. The counseling center, located on Stanley Avenue in Mamaroneck, is a non-profit organization whose professional staff has provided many in the community with affordable counseling and psychological help.

Selling more than 650 tickets for $10-$20 a piece, the student council expects to raise at least $800 for the center.

Student Council President Harrison Frank, 18, explained that it cost $5,200 to cover the band, stage and expenses.

“We wanted to give one final gift to the student body before we left the school,” Frank said.

Debbie Manetta, the director of public information for the Mamaroneck School District, explained that in the past years, funds have been cut for the counseling center.

“This benefit concert really means a lot because of budget constraints,” Manetta said.  In addition to other revenue streams, such as grants, the center receives funding from the school district, the Village of Larchmont and the town and village of Mamaroneck.

Jessica Gardiner, 17, an MHS student and member of the student council, explained that they chose to help the counseling center because it is something local and in the community.

“I also think it’s not everyday you get someone as talented as Cal to come from a community like Mamaroneck High School,” Gardiner said. “Fingers crossed that he does make it big someday, and I think it’s something for us to look back on and realize we’ve gotten him before.”

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