Queensboro Symphony Orchestra Readies Debut

The “World’s Borough’s” newest ensemble, the Queensboro Symphony Orchestra, is gearing up for their first performance this Sunday, March 22.

Founded by Korean-born conductor Dong-Hyun Kim, the Queensboro Symphony Orchestra is the young maestro’s third time forming, sustaining and leading a full symphonic orchestra. He previously did the same with the Queens Philharmonia, who had their music featured on WNYC, and New York’s Nova Philharmonic, which presented innovative new programs like Mozart Meets Jazz.

“Their sound is energetic,” said Paul Joseph, a symphonic composer and pianist. “They are a young vibrant group and the conductor has his own way of doing things.”

This story originally appeared in the March 19, 2015 edition of the Queens Tribune.

According to Joseph, the newly-formed symphony orchestra is entirely comprised of local musicians and is the only one of its kind to exist in Flushing.

Kim said he got the idea for the Queensboro Symphony Orchestra after meeting with some friends, who are also musicians and music teachers, with plans to perform music on Sunday evenings.

“We thought it would be wonderful if our orchestra becomes the voice of Flushing,” Kim said. “We had our first rehearsal on Feb. 22 and have been rehearsing every Sunday evening at St. Mary’s Nativity with 35 local musicians, students from conservatories such as Manhattan, Mannes and Queens College, and players who used to play in professional orchestras.”

“It happened pretty quickly,” Joseph said, adding that while some of the members have performed together in the past, as a whole, the Queensboro Symphony Orchestra is a pretty new experience for everyone involved.

After receiving his Master’s degree in conducting from the Aaron Copland School of Music, where he served as music director of its chamber orchestra, Kim went on to serve as music director of the Bethel Chamber Orchestra and assistant conductor of the New York Symphony. He was also featured as a guest conductor with the Korea University Orchestra, the Astoria Symphony Orchestra and the Kaliope Opera Company.

“[Kim] really gets to the essence of the music he’s conducting,” Joseph said. “They have the same quality sound of a chamber orchestra, but are not as small.”

On Sunday evening, at 7 p.m., Kim will lead the Queensboro Symphony Orchestra in a free performance of some of the most popular works of all time – including Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony” and Mendelssohn’s “Violin Concerto” – and original music composed by Joseph to celebrate the coming of the spring season.

“I and my 35 colleagues are doing our best to make a great concert and I am sure it will be a good concert,” Kim added.

The performance will be held at St. Mary’s Nativity Church, 46-02 Parsons Blvd. in Flushing. Admission is free, however donations are requested. For more information call (718) 359-5996 or visit pauljoseph.com.

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