Q&A w/ Rapper Porche Boxx

Far Rockaway rap artist Donald Bradley, a.k.a. “Porche Boxx,” feels his community always gets a bad rap. That’s why he hopes to spread a more positive message to the easternmost part of the peninsula, with his upbeat bars and rhymes.

Bradley grew up in a difficult situation. Never knowing his father, he was raised by his mother, who inspired him to write. Outside of school, Bradley spent a lot of his time at the Ocean Bay Action Center.

“We would play ball to stay out of trouble,” he recalled.

The Wave recently met up with the upand coming rapper, Porche Boxx, at the Queens Public Library on Mott Avenue in Far Rockaway, to talk about his music, community and his love of basketball.

Q: So, when did you start rapping?

I have been doing it for about 8 years, seriously. I do [the production] all by myself. Sometimes I put out songs online.

Q: Have you done any live performances?

I do shows everywhere. I just performed at the Stack Bundles tournament [a week ago]. I also performed in Miami, Midtown and Brooklyn. And I did music with Chinx. I get a positive reaction from people who come out.

Q: What inspired you to become a rapper?

The loss of Stack Bundles [in 2007]. He would always carry himself around like a star. He was an inspiration to music in general.

Q: Who are some of the rappers you have worked with in the past?

I did music with Chinx… I [also] used to be in a group, but we all went our separate ways. It’s hard not having the support of your peers.

Q: I wanted to know, where did the name “Porche Boxx” come from?

It was a nickname from [playing] Basketball. It really came from “horsepower,” because I would “horse” the ball when I played.

Q: Why no “S” as in Porsche?

Legal reasons… Leave off the last ‘S’ for savings.

Q: Who has been the biggest inspiration on your music?

My mom—growing up in a tough environment, my mom pushed me to be a better person. Now, I have two kids of my own. She made me want to be a better father.

Q: You mentioned that you feel like Far Rockaway gets a bad reputation. So, I just wanted to know, what are some of the positive things you enjoy about life in Far Rockaway?

I have a had great experience with Manny [Fiallo]. He’s a positive guy. He doesn’t have to do what he does for Far Rockaway. I like it when there is a lot of unity.

Uncontrollable Hustler’s Ambition, the debut album from Hip-Hop recording artist Porche Boxx, was released Feb. 8, 2016 and is available for download on iTunes.

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