Farmedge Property Series

Check out my series on the Island Trees Farmedge Property:

Farmedge Resolved: Gallow Lease Puts Kibosh On Development

School Board Mum on Island Trees Developer

School Board Reveals $18M Proposal

Farmedge Property Reexamined: Levittown Property Owners Talk Transparency 

Farmedge Back To The Drawing Board

Frustration Mounts Over Farmedge

Island Trees Library Speaks Out

Residents Poll On Farmedge Property

Letters on Farmedge Issue: 

What’s In Store For Farmedge – Island Trees Superintendent Dr. Charles Murphy

Hitting the Brakes – Island Trees Superintendent Dr. Charles Murphy

School Board Talks Farmedge – Island Trees School Board of Education

The Future of the Island Trees Public Library – Laura Guinta

Concerns With Farmedge – Julia Ann Tomeo

Much Ado About Farmedge – Marie Palagonia (30-year Levittown resident)

A Revealing Revelation – Brian Kelty (Island Trees resident)

Board of Pod People – Dale Bertan (Island Trees Class of 1968)

Fourth Contestant In For Island Trees School Board – Dominic Ciaramella (Concerned Levittown Taxpayer)

Island Trees School Board Public Meeting – Dominic Ciaramella (Concerned Levittown Taxpayer)

Captain, Oh Captain! Turn this Ship Around! – Brian Kelty (Island Trees resident)

Looking Deeper Into Farmedge – John Garger


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