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Rockaway Reflects On Pearl Harbor

The world was on the verge of war, when, at approximately 7:48 a.m., Hawaiian time, on Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese Imperial Navy launched its “infamous” attack on the U.S. naval base in Pearl Harbor.

Source: Rockaway Reflects On Pearl Harbor

Veteran Spotlight: U.S. Navy Veteran Richard Meyerowitz

U.S. Navy Veteran Richard Meyerowitz of Levittown joined the military in 1962, enlisting straight out of high school. While he would never see combat, Meyerowitz served as a boilerman aboard the U.S.S. Dewey amid the United States’ blockade of Cuba.

“They gave us our orders,” Meyerowitz said, “turn any vessels away. If not, blow ‘em out of the water.”

During the blockade, Meyerowitz said he only encountered one ship, which they warned to turn back. Just a kid at the time, Meyerowitz said it didn’t occur to him at the time, how the country could have been on the verge of nuclear war.

This story originally appeared in the Aug. 27, 2014 edition of the Levittown Tribune.

Veteran Spotlight: U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Peter D’Angelo

After graduating from MacArthur High School in the fall of 1994, United States Marine Corps Veteran Sgt. Peter D’Angelo attended one semester at C.W. Post before he decided to drop out and join the military.

“I couldn’t afford it,” D’Angelo said, “so I enlisted.”

Once finished with his basic training at Paris Island, S.C., D’Angelo was assigned to an administrative position in Arlington, Va. There, Deangelo would be put in charge of payroll… until one day when opportunity knocked.

This story first appeared in the Levittown Tribune on Aug. 22, 2014.

Veteran Spotlight: U.S. Air Force Radar Repairman Frank Marcinek

Growing up in a large family, U.S. Air Force Veteran Frank Marcinek, 61, of Levittown, was eager to enlist, hoping to someday follow in the footsteps of his father and eight uncles, all of whom served in either World Word II, Korea or Vietnam.

Graduating from Plainedge High School at age 17, Frank wanted to join the Marine Corps, but was let down when he was told he had to be at least 18 to sign up. After high school, Frank got a job with Con Edison and married his high school sweetheart, Pam. By the fall of 1971, Pam would have their first child, Fred, and by the summer of 1972 she would be pregnant again with their second son, Tom.

This story originally appeared in the Aug. 14, 2014 edition of the Levittown Tribune.

Levittown Honors Fallen Veterans

Local Boy Scouts woke up at the crack of dawn on May 24 to help veterans flag the graves of the men and women who gave their lives fighting for our country, buried at the Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale.

“Every grave there gets flagged… no exceptions,” said VFW Post Commander Andy Booth.

Booth said the Boy Scouts of America were extremely helpful, as they are each year, helping place minature American flag at the foot of each headstone. In addition, members of the American Legion Post #1711 in Levittown flag the graves of former members and WWII veterans buried in the cemetery along Wantagh Ave.

This story originally appeared in the June 7, 2014 edition of the Levittown Tribune.

Veterans Day Parade in Harrison (Nov. 2012)

Veterans Day Parade (Nov. 2012)

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Harrison High School Field Of Honor

Harrison High School Field Of Honor (April 2012)

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