Alabama Shakes’ New Album Is A Monster

2015AlabamaShakes_SoundAndColor_100215.galleryThe Alabama Shakes clearly did not succumb to the typical “sophomore slump,” after the overwhelmingly successful release of their second full-length studio album, Sound & Color, earlier this week.  According to reports from, music industry forecasters say the new album is expected to move more than 90,000 copies, which would place the roots-rock group at the top of the Billboard 200 charts for the first-time.

Following the success of their 2013 debut album, Boys & Girls, the Shakes went on to receive three Grammy nominations for best new artist, best rock performance for their song “Hold On,” and best recording package. In 2014, they were even asked to perform at the White House alongside Steve Cropper and Booker T. Jones.

Now, only three days since the release of Sound & Color and already the album’s first single, “Don’t Wanna Fight,” has spent two weeks at the top of the Billboard charts – peaking at No. 21, according to Billboard.

Blending classic 60s-era Soul with a mix of Blues and Hard Rock-inspired guitar riffs, the Alabama Shakes have a unique sound that is unparalleled to any other Americana musicians today. Throughout the album, lead singer Brittany Howard steals the show, with her sometimes raspy, yet sweet and soulful singing.

From the first listen, you can tell the Shakes drew influence from legendary artists like James Brown, Otis Redding and the Rolling Stones, to more modern Blues-heavy musicians like Jack White and the Strokes.

Sound & Color is a leviathan that is sure to make waves all throughout the industry this year. Stay tuned because I can guarantee this will not be the last we hear from the four-piece rock group out of Athens, Ala.

And as luck would have it, music lovers around the Tri-State area can catch the Alabama Shakes when they perform the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium on Sept. 19. Visit for more information or to buy tickets.

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