A Soulful Glimpse At ‘7 Summers’

Debuting at no. 1 on the iTunes Jazz charts, 7 Summers is the latest gem from jazz keyboardist Shaun Martin, who is best known for his Grammy Award winning work with gospel artist Kirk Franklin and the Brooklyn-based instrumental fusion ensemble Snarky Puppy.

Martin’s debut album, 7 Summers, is an incredibly unique and rhythmic composition that shows his stylistic range and gives listeners a glimpse into his musical process.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Martin began studying music at just 4-years-old, under the instruction of Carolyn Campbell—for whom he dedicated the last track of his my album “Closing Credits (A Requiem for Carolyn).” Today, he serves as the Minister of Music at Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas. 

Drawing from his jazz fusion roots, 7 Summers proves Martin has what it takes to really shine on his own, with songs like “the Yellow Jacket,” “Lotus,” and the aptly named track, “the Torrent,” which resembles the sound of waves crashing with a fervor of snare and symbols.

The album also features a number of sweet and soulful tracks such as “Long Gone,” which features vocals from fellow-Texan Adrian Hulet and Snarky Puppy-alum Mark Lettieri on guitar; “Have Your Chance at Love,” featuring the breathtaking vocal talent of gospel singer Nikki Ross; and the ever-funky tune “One Big Party.”

Mixing elements of hip-hop and soul music, Martin also teams up with Geno Young to produce the album’s catchiest and most upbeat track, “All in a Day’s Work,” which sounds a lot like something you might expect to hear from more rap-influenced groups like The Roots.

Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur of jazz music or just enjoy some funky tunes, 7 Summers features a little bit of everything. To hear more from the album, visit the Apple Store or Bandcamp.com.


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