A New ‘BadAzz’ Emerges

TD2CH_album_coverREVIEW: Touch Down 2 Cause Hell – Boosie BadAzz 

It’s hard to believe that the new album, Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, is only the sixth studio LP from the biggest “BadAzz” in the hip-hop game.

But you have to imagine it would be damn near impossible for anyone to get in some studio time when they’re facing the death penalty on murder charges… Not to mention that even though he was found “Not Guilty” in 2012, Boosie stayed in prison, where he would serve three years of an eight-year sentence for possession.

After being released from Louisiana State Penitentiary in 2014, Boosie hit the ground running, producing his first album since 2010, which just skyrocketed to No. 3 on the Billboard 200 charts in the first week of sales.

Boosie got his start at just 14-years-old and by age 17 the Baton Rouge-born musician had already released his first album Youngest of da Camp. A year later, he signed with Trill Entertainment, a record-label run by the late Pimp C of Underground Kingz (UGK), where he would first collaborate with another young rapper by the name of Webbie.

Now, for his latest masterpiece Touch Down 2 Catch Hell, Boosie teams up with some of the biggest names in Rap/Hip-Hop game, including Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Keysha Cole, Jeezy, T.I., and even some of the dirty south’s rising lyricists like Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan. And you can’t forget Boosie’s cohort Webbie, who also drops in for two tracks.

Perhaps the album’s only flaw is the number of different producers on each different track. Although it is typical for a studio album to have one or more producers, but there are approximately 14 different producers spread out over a 19-track album. But what the album lacks for in its fluidity it makes up for in its message.

From the first single “On that Level,” Boosie comes out swinging. The hype-heavy anthem is exactly the type of thing that Boosie’s fans can expect whenever he teams up with Webbie.

But that barely scratches the surface… Boosie’s first video for “Hands Up” really hits home with a clear message of injustice, both past and present.

But perhaps the track that stood out most to me was “How She Got Her Name,” which tells the story of three loose women and the unfortunate origins of their nicknames. The song features a sweetly melodic sample which pairs nicely with this chilling tale about Tina, Diana and Katie. To check out more… see the video below or get the album on Amazon.

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